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Accelerate your future in tech and trading 


Optiver’s summer internship program isn’t just a step forward in your career – it’s a launch pad. Get ready for eight weeks immersed in the fast-paced, dynamic world of market making. Eight weeks owning projects that directly impact our world-class trading systems. Eight weeks entrusted to develop and execute live market strategies. Eight weeks collaborating with and mentored by the industry’s best and brightest. Eight weeks learning more than in eight months studying for a degree. Not to mention eight weeks of fun exploring Amsterdam alongside your class of global peers.

For some, a career only begins after graduating from university. With Optiver’s summer internship programme, your work improving the market starts today.


At Optiver, we believe the best equipped go furthest. To enable you to hit the ground running, our summer internship delivers everything you need to feel productive, motivated and balanced. This means no detail is overlooked in taking care of your total wellbeing.

It all starts with where you live. To make you feel right at home, our interns are provided with fully furnished, deluxe accommodation in Amsterdam’s city centre. With your entire intern class living in the same hotel (yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds), you’ll be part of an immediate community.

In the office, you’ll see that every day is game day at Optiver. To keep you energised, our in-house chefs prepare healthy meals and snacks, and our award-winning baristas brew the rocket fuel. With your nutrition tended to, it’s go time. To fast-track your knowledge, you’ll receive the same trainings as our full-time tech and trading team members. But it’s not all about professional development. We also care about creating an experience that leaves you with a solid network and great memories. That’s why our interns have a calendar packed with social outings to get to know the city and each other. Interested yet? Check out the video below to glimpse a day in the life of an Optiver intern.


Optiver approaches our internship as a long-term investment. By doing the same trainings and work as our tech and trading teams, we’re seeing if you have what it takes to join us full-time. By the end of summer, our goal is to have identified future Optiverians to return to our world-class teams after graduating. It’s not just a summer gig. It’s an eight week crash course designed to unlock the rest of your career.

Check out what some of our former interns turned full-time team members had to say about their experience.


Excited by the prospect of interning at Optiver? Don’t hesitate to apply for next year’s open roles in Amsterdam. Our programme is constantly growing – and we’re looking for bright sparks like you.

As Optiver’s Trading Intern, you’ll deep-dive the fundamentals of trading, from theory to financial markets, strategies and cutting-edge technology. But you won’t only receive our intensive in-house training – you’ll put your knowledge into practice through simulated trading. Requiring a competitive edge, decisive thinking and bold action, our summer programme is as close as you can get to real trading experience. What’s more: the projects you fully own and develop will be implemented directly into our trading desks, meaning you’ll contribute to our ever evolving strategies. Get ready to test your limits on one of the most dynamic and exciting trading floors in Europe.

As Optiver’s Tech Intern, you will lead entrepreneurial projects that solve Optiver’s real-world challenges. In only eight weeks, you’ll develop latency-critical applications that helps us improve the markets. With guidance from your mentor, team and senior developers, you’ll experience the excitement of a fast-paced development cycle  – owning a tight feedback loop, testing and shipping your code to production. By collaborating with traders and researchers, you’ll get an inside look at tech at Optiver, as well as fast-track your development. This is your chance to directly impact the business in just one summer.

As Optiver’s Research Intern, you’ll put your brilliant quantitative skills to the test by developing and improving our trading strategies. You’ll not only deep-dive the fundamentals of Optiver’s complex trading systems, but see firsthand how this theory translates in practice on our dynamic trading floor. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll be tasked with exploring a real-world research problem that directly influences how Optiver trades. With two mentors from research and trading, you’ll get the support and guidance needed to maximise your impact and drive our bottom line.

As Optiver’s Data Science intern, your standout statistical analysis and engineering skills will help us automate, professionalise and enhance the robustness of the firm’s systems and workflows. You’ll be directly responsible for creating ETL data pipelines, analysing data sets and developing tools. During these eight weeks, you’ll be working within our trading, finance, settlements or risk team. But no matter in which part of the business you’re focused, you’ll closely collaborate with developers, control departments and traders to turn complex data-processing problems into scalable solutions. With your entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunities to improve our trading systems – and the market – are endless.


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Is this only your first year of university? Not sure whether your field of study could translate to a career in finance? Trust us: we want to hear from you! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly at: [email protected]


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