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Lecture-Trading Options as a Market Maker (4th February)

Have you ever wondered how traders actually work? What do they do and how? 

Our first session will be on the 4th February! Can you not make it but still interested? We will have more! Keep an eye on our career page and social media. 

In this interactive lecture our trainer Robber Pullen will take look at the role of market makers and the value of options in the financial landscape.

Market makers provide liquidity to financial markets by simultaneously showing prices at which they are willing to buy and sell options, i.e. a two-sided market. While trading options, market makers must manage the risk of these trades as well as their overall portfolio. Trading and risk management go hand in hand in this way.

After a broad introduction into financial markets and various instruments, we will discuss the special nature of options and the ways in which their price can be calculated. In this valuation of options, the so-called “implied volatility” plays a crucial role. For market makers this implied volatility and its behavior is the most interesting and challenging factor. We will discuss why!

We look forward to receiving your application and hopefully seeing you online soon!



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