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A culture we’d never trade

There are countless reasons the Optiver team loves coming to work. But, perhaps, none is greater than the culture of excellence that permeates every level of the firm.

It’s not easy to work here.
But we make it easy to love working here.

Optiver providing on-the-job-training for our employees

The work is intense.
The culture is inspiring.

At Optiver, we approach our work with intensity. But we do so in an atmosphere that’s informal and collaborative. And we are constantly inspired by one another, with a keen understanding that excellence is a team sport. This is evident in our:

  • Senior staff’s commitment to mentorship and guidance as you progress in your career
  • Ethos of internal collaboration and external competition—when the firm does well, we all do well
  • Organization-wide commitment to excellence and non-stop improvement
  • Facilitation of global transfer opportunities between offices
Two Optiver employees undergoing market maker training

We take great care of our greatest asset.

At Optiver, our people are our single most valuable asset, so we reward them accordingly. It begins with an extremely competitive compensation package, and extends well beyond that, including:

  • A transparent bonus structure
  • Top tier benefits
  • Generous vacation time
  • Health and wellness programs
Employee playing ping pong and enjoying Optiver culture

A company of people who truly enjoy each other’s company. 

During the heat of the workday, the Optiver team is in near constant communication, through which friendships and bonds inevitably form. Outside of the workday, we have abundant opportunities to deepen those bonds in more relaxed social settings, like:

  • Regular, company-wide social events, including Friday happy hours
  • An annual, company-wide retreat
  • Company-sponsored volunteer events
Experienced professionals collaborating in Optiver's office

Perks that make it easier to focus on the work.

We expect our staff to perform at a high level at all times. Which is why we’ve created a work environment with amenities to fuel it:

  • Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • In-house baristas
  • A game room stocked with beverages

Three core disciplines.
One singular goal.

Optiver trades millions of financial instruments on exchanges worldwide. As we do so, we continuously refine and optimize our proprietary trading strategies and algorithms to accurately price those instruments. After all, the only constant in the market is change, and keeping up requires nimble, decisive thinkers—a pretty accurate description of an Optiver trader.

Technology is integral to what we do. But we’re not purely a technology company. We are, above all, a trading company. Our technology is a means to that end. The proprietary systems we engineer allow us to keep trading even in the most volatile market conditions. We also rely on our technology to manage scarce bandwidth resources and automate the pricing of diverse sets of financial instruments, all while maintaining a virtually unshakeable level of stability and responsiveness. It’s no small ask. But our systems—and the engineers who build and maintain them—regularly prove themselves more than up to the task.

Risk management and control are central to what we do, and critical to our success. It’s built into every one of our financial and operational processes, both manual and automated. Internally, we maintain a standardized framework to identify, monitor and measure principal risk. Externally, our clearing service closely monitors our risk exposure on an intraday basis. Ultimately, we compete and we succeed not by shying from risk, but by relentlessly assessing and managing it.

Data science

From options to ETFs, cash equities, bonds and foreign currencies, Optiver’s mission is to always provide liquidity for end-investors. Pricing hundreds of thousands of interconnected products in real time is a fascinating challenge. And data is a key component at every step in the process. We are currently strengthening our Data Science capabilities, so click on the link below to learn more about the many Data Science opportunities at Optiver.

Trading degrees don’t exist.
That’s why our training does.

Rigorous training 

Whether you’re hired as a trader, software engineer or researcher, your career at Optiver will begin the same way: with a period of intensive trader training. In addition, our tech hires participate in a short bootcamp on engineering and design principles behind our proprietary systems. The goal is for every new hire to receive the best possible training so they’re able to hit the ground running—or the floor trading—as soon as possible.

Continuous learning opportunities 

Of course, your education at Optiver won’t end with your training. Far from it. Between formal mentoring and feedback, the informal peer-to-peer learning that’s a natural byproduct of our highly collaborative culture and outside professional development opportunities, your hunger for knowledge will never go unsatisfied.

We’re easy to get to know, but our world can be hard to understand. If you’re new to market making (and most people are), there’s plenty of information here to help get your head around what we do.

From videos and articles to a lesson of what market making is, we’ve found plenty of ways to help you get comfortable in our world. 

employee spotlight

Making their mark(et):
Optiver Employee Spotlight

Xiaoyu Li
Chicago Quantitative Trader

“One of my favorite aspects of Optiver is the openness of our company culture. We’re always encouraged to learn from each other and share ideas across teams. This spirit of collaboration really permeates every interaction you’ll have.”

our offices

It’s doesn’t matter which of our offices around the world you find yourself in. Wherever you are, you’ll be surrounded by dedicated people united by our love of solving problems, and an overriding passion to improve the market.  

Your team awaits

Explore opportunities to join various teams across Optiver in locations around the world.

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