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Starting your career at a trading company

At Optiver we’re all about improvement, in the market, and in our people. We want you to become the absolute best version of yourself, so you can have a very real positive impact in improving global financial markets. To make this a reality, we empower our teams and remove all of the obstacles that stop them from performing at their very best. That’s why entrepreneurship, a flat hierarchy, instant feedback, and collaboration lie at the heart of everything we do. Take the next step in your career as a part of one of our teams of best-of-breed people.

Join one of our teams

The Trading Team

You’re driven by speed, precision, and continuous improvement. You relish the chance to push yourself in a super high-performance environment, where split-second decisions have to be made with constantly changing information. Your goal is to provide the best prices to all market participants while managing risk and solving the kind of complexity others would shy away from.

The Technology team

Your fascination with understanding technology at its deepest level is matched only by your desire to push the envelope of technical possibility. You’ll be building, coding, and developing with the goal of constantly improving speed and reliability. What you create will be put into action as fast as possible, so you can get instant feedback that allows you to optimise and test your ideas. That’s why every day at Optiver is an opportunity to solve the seemingly impossible.

The Research Team

You can see things in data others can’t. The ideas you come up with don’t just come from outside the box but redefine it. As an analyst or researcher, you’ll play a vital role in providing valuable insights that drive impactful trading strategies. Working in close collaboration with traders and other researchers, your skills will be challenged every day to make discoveries that spark everyone into action.

What’s next?

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