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Working at Optiver

US Campus Recruiting FAQs

April 13, 2022


What qualities does Optiver look for in candidates?

Optiverians come from many backgrounds, educations and experiences. They are characterized as team players who are constantly looking to improve and are actively contributing to discussions. For full-time roles, we are seeking university students with an anticipated 2023 graduation date. For internships, we are seeking juniors and sophomores. 

How correlated is being good at mental math and being good at trading? 

Being good at mental math is necessary, but not sufficient, to thrive as a Trader at Optiver. In addition to quantitative skills, you also need to be a quick decision maker and stay cool under pressure. These skills are assessed throughout the interview process. 

Is there a minimum GPA requirement and/or major preference?

We currently do not require a minimum GPA to join Optiver. Additionally, all majors are encouraged to apply.

What programming languages are most commonly used by your engineers?

C, C++, C#, Java, and sometimes Python. 

Am I required to code in a specific language on technical assessment(s) throughout the interview?

You are welcome to code in whichever language(s) you feel most comfortable with throughout the interview process. If you are completing a HackerRank test, you will be able to view and select from the supported languages for that assessment.

Where can I get more information about your technical culture?

Visit our Insights page to learn about our perspectives on the latest developments in technology and trading, and follow us on LinkedIn to check out our recent activity.

Where can I get more information about your social culture and events?

Check out this article to learn about our employee culture and this video to see what a typical day is like at Optiver. Our social channels are another great way to get a glimpse of our culture and recruitment events.

How dedicated is the company to diversity and inclusion? 

As an intentionally flat organization, we believe that great ideas and impact can come from everyone. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is hardwired through every stage of our hiring process, and we encourage applications from candidates from any and all backgrounds. Additionally, we welcome requests for reasonable adjustments during this process to ensure that you can best demonstrate your abilities.

How dedicated is the company to philanthropy?

Optiver dedicates itself to philanthropy through the Optiver Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on tackling some of the pressing issues facing our planet and its people – particularly around diversity and the environment. Click here to read more about the Optiver Foundation’s mission. Optiver also has an employee-led group called the Charitable Task Force that supports local philanthropic engagements in our offices.

How can I connect with Optiver?

There will be many virtual opportunities to connect with us this fall season. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop as they are announced:

You can also check out our campus events page to learn more about our events this fall.

Applying to Optiver

When can I expect to hear back after I submit an application?  

We strive to provide an update within a week or two of submitting an application. NOTE: To avoid missing further communication, we recommend marking Optiver as a safe sender in your inbox as soon as you receive the application confirmation email. 

If I’ve previously been rejected, can I apply again?

We accept one application per role per year. If you have previously applied during this recruitment season and have been unsuccessful, you can reapply once the next recruitment season begins in 2023.

Can I apply to multiple campus roles and go through multiple interview processes?

You are welcome to apply to multiple roles and go through the interview processes in parallel. The best fit will be determined as you progress through the interviews.

Do you hire international candidates? 

At this time, our US office is not hiring individuals for campus roles who currently (or in the future) require sponsorship for employment, including candidates with OPT authorization. This includes both internships and campus full-time opportunities. However, we invite you to explore our careers page for campus opportunities at our other Optiver offices across the globe as they may follow different sponsorship requirements.

Do I need a finance background to apply?

No financial experience is necessary to succeed at Optiver. Many of our new hires have no prior knowledge of the trading industry before joining – our training program teaches you everything you need to know in order to thrive in your role.

Interview Prep

Will you be conducting final interviews on-site this year? 

Final interviews will be conducted virtually until further notice. However, there will be opportunities to visit our offices in person once you are extended an offer. To get an idea of what our offices look like in the meantime, check out our Instagram feed.

What does the interview process look like?

In general, the interview process starts with an assessment followed by a behavioral phone screen. The final step is a virtual interview with the hiring team. 

What does the overall interview timeline look like?

On average, the interview process takes about 3-4 weeks. This timeframe depends on the interviewee’s availability to complete the interview steps. However, this interview timeline can be expedited if needed.

How can I prepare for a final interview?

Final interviews do not require technical preparation. However, our team will provide you with resources and tips to ensure you have a smooth interviewing experience. 

How should I dress for a final interview? 

We have a casual dress code in our offices, but we recommend you dress business casual for interviews. 

Post Interview

When should I expect to hear back after an interview?

We strive to get back to candidates within 2-3 business days post-interview and will be in close contact throughout the interview process. Should you need an expedited offer decision due to conflicting offer deadlines, please inform your recruiter. Feedback can be expedited as quickly as within 24 hours of the final interview.

What is your policy on giving candidate feedback? 

Due to the high volume of applications received, we are unable to share specific feedback with each candidate. However, we recommend reviewing the minimum requirements for each job (as listed in the job description). For example, as an Engineer, you should have a deep understanding of computer science fundamentals and experience writing software in one of the following languages: C, C++, C#, Java, and sometimes Python.