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Recruitment BlogOptiver launches The Brain Circuit challenge in Asia Pacific
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Optiver launches The Brain Circuit challenge in Asia Pacific

November 19, 2021

Time to flex your grey matter.

As a leading global trading firm powered by technology, Optiver is always excited by the opportunity to solve problems others may find too difficult. In this spirit, we’ve developed The Brain Circuit: an online quiz designed to challenge your logic and mental maths skills. You’ll have ten problems. And only ten minutes to solve them. The question is: can you crack The Brain Circuit?

The quiz’s level of complexity is just a taste of what our Traders, Engineers and Research Teams face every single day. The challenge also incorporates a critical factor that can mean the difference between success and failure: time pressure. At Optiver, the ability to think and act not only accurately – but also quickly – is what separates the good from great. As a market maker, processing huge volumes of live data and making sharp decisions in real-time is the difference between being a frontrunner versus playing catch-up with the market. And we always stay one step ahead. 

Participants get four chances to tackle The Brain Circuit and post a competitive score. They’re also encouraged to share their results and challenge their friends to try and beat them. So get your friends, colleagues and classmates involved to see who has the math skills to successfully climb the ranks.

Will your mind overheat or overcome? There’s only one way to find out.

Good luck!