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Graduate Trading roles

When you step onto the trading floor at Optiver, you will immediately notice the diversity in our approaches to trading. You will feel the buzz of collaboration across our screen traders who are sharing market insights and discussing the positions they are trading live on their screens. The noise and excitement generated by our wholesale traders is amazing as they speak directly with brokers across Asia, making larger volume trades.

Optiver Graduate Screen Trader
As a Screen Trader at Optiver, you get to work at the forefront of the market, solving dynamic problems every day.  Your primary role is to monitor and assess markets, looking for opportunities to improve pricing execution and risk management. Change is constant so there’s no time to stand still as you are constantly reflecting and improving your strategy. You’ve got to be on your toes to stay ahead; every day provides a new challenge. We are all about collaboration so you will work with teams across the business to ultimately achieve our goal of improving the market.

Optiver Graduate Wholesale Trader
As a Wholesale Trader, you engage with brokers and banks, seeking out alternative ways to improve pricing in the markets. You work as deeply with numbers and strategies as our screen traders, but with more interaction with external parties. Much of the trading that you're involved in happens over the phone, which presents a different kind of challenge and creates an amazing buzz on the floor.

Your Path to Success

To help set you up for success, we have developed a training program facilitated by our Trader Education team. The program is designed to encourage you to look at things differently and come up with unique solutions to dynamic problems. Ultimately we want to help you to think and feel like a trader.

The program covers a range of trading principles and concepts. You will develop your skills in a simulated market environment that will prepare you for live trading. Risk management is a key consideration at Optiver; you will be taught how to recognise potential risks and how to manage them.

Other features of our training program include market making games, shadowing traders and a Python coding project. Our training is designed to equip you with the skills needed to be successful as a trader. We’re not just talking technical; your training will also cover communication, resilience, decision-making, self-discipline and critical thinking. We are here to help you succeed and will provide regular feedback to ensure that you are on track.

After three months you will join a team and start live trading, continuing your development under the mentorship of experienced traders. You never stop learning; we believe that your continuous improvement is a key to our success in the future.

Benefits and Rewards

  • We champion a peak-performance culture and empower our people to excel. We promote happiness, health and well-being, offering great perks such as chef-prepared meals every day, an onsite barista, massages and chill-out areas, health and fitness clubs, gaming societies and many more. No matter your passion, we’ve got you covered.