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Institutional Trading APAC

Leading liquidity provider in major APAC
exchange-traded products

The Institutional Trading team leverages Optiver’s regional specialization and significant market shares in APAC equity derivatives and ETF markets to provide competitive, timely and consistent block pricing in all market conditions.

Who does Optiver APAC trade with?

Our counterparty orientated approach means that we are trusted by a wide array of structured product issuers, hedge funds, asset managers and other large institutional managers across the world to provide optimal solutions to their trading needs. Optiver APAC is a liquidity provider on major RFQ platforms such as Bloomberg RFQE, RFQ Hub and Tradeweb.

What products does Optiver APAC trade?

What are your trading hours?

Our team in Sydney provides pricing for all product during regular trading hours. Our overnight trading team facilitates NK225, HSCEI and HSI index options during the European session.

What are your trading fees?

Optiver APAC does not collect trading fees or commissions for block trades that are executed on a broker-to-broker basis.

How do I become an Optiver APAC counterparty?

Please contact an Institutional Trading Relationship Manager/ click the link/ or e-mail [email protected] for details of our simple onboarding procedure.