Challenges await

The more challenging the problem, the more excited we are. Teams of traders, researchers and developers work together to create the best solutions then put them into production. For anyone with a scientific mind and innate curiosity, this is a hugely rewarding process.

Not just another day at the office

People at Optiver love challenges, welcome collaboration, and strive to be better tomorrow than they are today. Improving the market is an extraordinary challenge that requires an extraordinary approach. Optiver provides a collaborative working environment to tackle these challenges. In fact, it is this way of working that sets us apart. Traders, developers, researchers and a large support team join forces with a unified sense of purpose. At Optiver, we believe that people with the same goals and values bring out the best in each other. 

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Fields of expertise

  • Trading is who we are and what we know. The landscape has changed rapidly over the last three decades and has meant that we have had to change with the times. We offer prices in a wide range of financial products globally. When the markets are open, our traders are primed to be externally competitive and internally collaborative, focusing on executing the best trades. When they are not trading, their focus shifts to checking positions and improving trading strategies and systems. In addition to having outstanding quantitative skills, our traders have a deep understanding of market trends. These skills allow us to continuously strive to offer the most fair, tradable prices in all market conditions.

    EU Quote - Daniel, grad, trader
    "What I like the most about my job is working alongside some of the most talented people from all around the world. It continuously motivates me and challenges me to follow a steep learning curve. It’s the perfect reflection of the competitive environment in which we run our business."
    Daniel, Trader, MSc Stochastics and Financial Mathematics, VU Amsterdam
  • At Optiver we leverage technology to solve a variety of problems with high degrees of difficulty: managing scarce bandwidth resources, responding to market events in microseconds or less, automatically pricing diverse sets of financial instruments with extremely low error tolerance, and storing and analyzing terabytes of data. Our systems are built to add to the stability of the market, not detract from it; they must operate at peak efficiency in the most extreme market conditions. These systems must also be simple, flexible, and well-architected so they can quickly change to meet the dynamic needs of our industry. Technologists at Optiver work hard, think creatively, and engineer rigorous solutions that make an immediate impact. 

    EU Quote - Zuotian, grad, dev
    "To my surprise, the financial industry is a great place to work for combining software engineering and data science. My job at Optiver involves creating methods for analysing terabytes of data, systematically revealing patterns, solving puzzles, and developing efficient solutions that can have an immediate impact on our business."
    Zuotian, Application Engineer, BS Computer Science, University of Washington
  • The setup of our researchers is different to what you might expect. Here they work hand in hand with our traders to spot opportunities, exercise their analytical skills to build models, and then work with our technology teams to see them delivered. Markets continuously evolve and our models and strategies adapt with it. It’s a challenge that requires high-level mathematics and data science with a generous dose of creative thinking to ensure we have the edge in increasingly competitive markets.

    EU Quote - Matthijs, grad, research
    "Research at Optiver means immediate impact. A model improvement can lead to better trading results, the very next day. It’s stimulating to work with intelligent people who are critical and innovative, yet friendly and down to earth."
    Matthijs, Researcher, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, University of Amsterdam