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Today in #PeopleAtOptiver meet Mart, Developer in our Infrastructure Applications team
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  • Meet Mart

    Mart works as a Developer in the Infrastructure Applications team using mostly C++ and Python to code. According to him, it’s not just the about what a Developer writes, but how it affects other teams as part of the web of technology supporting Optiver.

    “A Developer’s role requires analytical thinking, creative problem solving and a broader understanding of what our company does. For example, one of our trading systems consists of multiple components tightly integrated with PostgreSQL, making it hard to unit test. Rather than see this as an obstacle, I worked with my team to build a set of tools that run and test the entire system from an end-user perspective.”

    When asked what he believes motivates Optiver employees to perform their best, Mart replied with, “The fast paced environment. In the end, we work with a lot of smart people here.”

    When he started at Optiver almost two and a half years ago, Mart was surprised by the unpretentious culture. “The CEO often has lunch with anyone from the company and takes a genuine interest in the people that work here – you don’t find that everywhere. We stay humble, and it shows at every level. Social events like Friday drinks, company trips, and other activities help to create a sense of community here.”

    Mart completed a Computer Science degree at Saxion Hogeschool.


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