Mathematical Olympiad winner

On Friday, January 26, 2018, Optiver secured first place at the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad for Companies
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  • Optiver team secures first place at the Dutch Mathematics Olympiad for Companies

    Last Friday, January 26, 2018, Optiver secured first place at the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad for Companies. The annual competition aims to motivate companies to sponsor the Dutch Mathematical Olympiad for secondary school students and disseminate mathematical knowledge throughout the Netherlands. Represented by Prasad Chebolu, Zhi Qiao and Yan Zhao, the Optiver team won the competition, which had a total of 78 participants.

    The Olympiad took place at the global head office of Booking.com. 78 talented participants across 27 teams from various companies and institutes competed against each other. The participants were given an hour to discuss eight A-assignments and four B-assignments. In addition, they got another mathematical problem which was at the same level as the finals of the National Mathematical Olympiad.

    The first place was awarded to Optiver’s delegation. With 116 points they were well ahead of all other teams. The teams of Booking.com (88 points) and ORTEC (83 points) achieved the 2nd and 3rd place. Congratulations once again to all the participants for their admirable effort.

    The next edition of the Mathematical Olympiad for Companies is next year on January 25th. Do you want to challenge your maths skills? You can find the problems here.

About the Dutch Maths Olympiad for Secondary School students

The main objectives of the 'Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade' (Dutch Maths Olympiad) for students are to stimulate the study of mathematics in secondary school, to identify talented young mathematicians and encourage them to pursue a scientific career, particularly in mathematics and to select and train students to represent the Netherlands in international mathematical competitions, such as the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Additionally, the 'Nederlandse Wiskunde Olympiade' promotes several regional and state mathematical tournaments within the Netherlands.

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