6 and 7 December 2018

Low-latency masterclass

Would you like to learn how to write the fastest and best performing code possible? Join our low-latency Masterclass in Amsterdam! *Registration is now closed*
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  • Low-latency Masterclass

    Do you want to learn how to write the fastest and best performing code possible? Are you ready to dive into assembly, cache internals and squeeze the last nanosecond out of your code? If so, then join our low-latency Masterclass on code optimisation!

    During this two-day Masterclass our top Engineers will demonstrate some of the profiling and micro-benchmarking techniques used when developing low-latency code. Through concrete code examples, we will share some of the performance tips and tricks attained from our vast experience in writing fast, maintainable and modern C++ code. We will look into assembly generated by the compiler to understand how seemingly small code changes affect the work a processor needs to do.

    We will also explore the topic of cache coherency and locality to demonstrate its impact on application speed where you will be writing and profiling code yourself. Whether you write games, mobile applications or trading software, these techniques will help you to write faster and more efficient code!

Is the low-latency Masterclass right for me?

If you are a last year Bachelor or Master student in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems or equivalent and currently based in the Netherlands or surrounding countries, the low-latency Masterclass is for you. 

The sign-up for the Masterclass consists of several stages and only the top Engineers will progress to the next level.

  • First stage: In order to participate in the Masterclass, you will need to register on the below link by uploading your CV and a short motivation.  
  • Second stage: In the next stage we will assess your programming skills. To get the best out of this event we will require experience in C++, C# or Java. You will be assessed on these skills by solving a challenging problem through HackerRank. 
  • Third stage: In this stage you will have a 30 minute Skype interview with a Recruiter and Developer to discuss your results and assess your motivation. 

Once you have completed these three steps, you will be one of the participants of the Optiver low-latency Masterclass 2018 in Amsterdam. You can expect an interactive event at our Amsterdam office, with (potential) flight, accommodation and dinner + drinks covered.

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