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Discover Optiver, a leading global trading firm powered by technical innovation.

Ready to accelerate your growth in one of the most dynamic and fascinating industries there is?

For over 35 years, Optiver has been improving financial markets around the world, making them more transparent and efficient for all participants. With our focus on cutting-edge engineering, data science and research, we actively trade on 50+ exchanges, where we’re trusted to always provide accurate buy and sell pricing – no matter the market conditions. To be not only active, but also precise, across such a volume of markets and products is a hugely complex challenge – which is exactly what we thrive on. Are you someone who embraces constant innovation and strategic thinking in the pursuit of excellence?

Spend some time with the Optiver team, and a couple things become clear: there is no single path to a successful, lucrative career here, and there is no single major that’s best suited to it. Watch the videos below to meet some of our team members and hear about their journeys to Optiver. You might just see yourself in them.


Hover over a myth. Learn the reality.


Very few traders at Optiver have a degree in finance. And many had no prior investing experience.


You need to have a degree in finance or experience in investing to become a trader.


Yes, trading is risky. But at Optiver, our success is largely due to our ability to manage that risk


To succeed in trading, you must be willing to make risky bets.


As a market maker, the opposite is true. We provide stability and liquidity to the market, which is good for everyone.


Traders seek loopholes to gain an unfair advantage in the market.


You trade Optiver’s money, never your own.


You trade your own money.


Our traders’ days are intense, but they wind down at a humane hour, leaving time for your interests outside of work.


As a trader you must work 80+ hours a week, affording little time for life outside of work.


As a market maker, the opposite is true. We lend stability and liquidity to the market, which is good for everyone.


Traders seek loopholes to gain an unfair advantage in the market

Now that we’ve dispelled some of the untruths about trading,
discover more about what it’s like to work at a leading global market maker.


Excited by the prospect of being an intern or grad at Optiver? Our program is constantly growing – and we’re looking for bright sparks like you. Expressions of interest are now open. Check out the opportunities below.

At Optiver we believe that great ideas and impact can come from everyone. We are passionate about empowering individuals and creating diverse teams that thrive. Every person at Optiver should feel included, valued and respected, because we believe our best work is done together.

As Optiver’s Trading Intern, you’ll deep-dive the fundamentals of trading, from theory to financial markets, strategies and cutting-edge technology. But you won’t only receive our intensive in-house training – you’ll put your knowledge into practice through simulated trading. Requiring a competitive edge, decisive thinking and bold action, our program is as close as you can get to real trading experience. What’s more: the projects you fully own and develop will be implemented directly into our trading desks, meaning you’ll contribute to our ever evolving strategies. Get ready to test your limits on one of the most dynamic and exciting trading floors in Asia Pacific.

As Optiver’s Tech Intern, you will lead entrepreneurial projects that solve Optiver’s real-world challenges. In 12 weeks, you’ll develop latency-critical applications that helps us improve the markets. With guidance from your mentor, team and senior developers, you’ll experience the excitement of a fast-paced development cycle  – owning a tight feedback loop, testing and shipping your code to production. By collaborating with traders and researchers, you’ll get an inside look at tech at Optiver, as well as fast-track your development. This is your chance to directly impact the business.

As Optiver’s Graduate Trader, you’ll put your brilliant quantitative skills to the test by developing and improving our trading strategies. You’ll not only deep-dive the fundamentals of Optiver’s complex trading systems, but see firsthand how this theory translates in practice on our dynamic trading floor. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll be tasked with exploring a real-world research problem that directly influences how Optiver trades. With two mentors from research and trading, you’ll get the support and guidance needed to maximise your impact and drive our bottom line.

As Optiver’s Graduate Engineer, you are a maker at heart. And at Optiver you will have the opportunity to take ownership of complex problems and craft solutions—to make stuff—from day one. Every day will bring fresh challenges that demand even fresher thinking. And the proprietary trading systems you build will directly impact financial markets that—either directly or indirectly—touch the lives of millions of people.

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