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Data Science at Optiver

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Data science at Optiver

From options to ETFs, cash equities, bonds and foreign currencies, Optiver’s mission is to always provide liquidity for end-investors. Pricing hundreds of thousands of interconnected products in real time is a fascinating challenge. And data is a key component at every step in the process.

Data analytics

It all starts in the exchanges, where we monitor a constant stream of market updates on trades and price movements. All of this information must be collected, processed and relayed to both human traders and automated strategies alike.
These data sets present their own complexities, including a typically very low signal-to-noise ratio. Our teams must combine data science with a solid understanding of data lineage and trading dynamics to cut through the noise. Only then can we continuously improve trading logics and remain performant even during periods of market turbulence.

Mathematical modelling

But the importance of data doesn’t end there. When it comes to options, the value of different instruments can be highly correlated. For this reason, Optiver’s researchers have developed sophisticated models that describe market dynamics and consistently price tens of thousands of instruments. These models must be flexible enough to account for the context and nuances of the market. At the same time, they must remain sound and robust. By working together with traders and software engineers, we strive to continuously unlock solutions that further strengthen our pricing.

Machine learning

Machine learning is also heavily utilized within Optiver to predict how the market might perform in the future. Based on these implied findings, Data Scientists convert immense amounts of historical data into trading signals. Our north star is clear: we must always improve our prediction accuracy. To do so, Optiver is constantly looking for innovative ways to derive useful insights from the data.

Infrastructure & pipeline

None of Optiver’s data science activities would exist without our state-of-art data infrastructure. Our growing team of Data Engineers is dedicated to building a cutting-edge, big data pipeline to ensure the real-time availability of terabytes of market data. However, even in our position as a leading market maker, we know there is great potential to improve. Every year our Amsterdam office alone is processing market data in the magnitude of petabytes. As this amount gets bigger, so too must our ideas. With the help of highly skilled data analysts, who combine their great data processing skills and thorough understanding of strategies, we make sure all the data tells its story.

Find your perfect fit

We are currently strengthening our Data Science capabilities, so read on to learn more about the many Data Science opportunities at Optiver.

Don’t worry if you do not fit perfectly within the boundaries of a specific role. Optiver’s data teams remain fluid in their scope and everyone works on projects where their specific skillset can shine.

At Optiver we value a quick innovation cycle, taking ownership and an entrepreneurial mindset. Your ideas will have an immediate impact on our strategies and your initiative will be highly rewarded.

Data Scientists at Optiver apply their advanced engineering and machine learning skills to develop and improve our strategies. It’s a fascinating role that requires strong coding background and problem-solving skills.

Your typical day could involve any number of challenging assignments. Perhaps you’ll develop machine learning-based strategies using historical data. Maybe you’ll statistically evaluate our high-frequency algorithms together with low-latency developers. You may also find yourself unlocking a new trading business alongside traders and engineers. You could of course be writing robust and scalable code to prototype sophisticated pricing and hedging logics.

No matter the day’s agenda, teamwork is key. Data scientists work with all nature of specialists to develop data-driven solutions that improve our trading strategies.

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Quantitative Researchers use their sharp quantitative skills to shape new option pricing models and improve existing ones. We expect you to be versatile, flexible and creative in order to innovate new solutions.

On a typical day, you will research market dynamics and use your unique insights to model their evolution. You often catch-up and brainstorm with Software Engineers and Traders on current projects, new problems and future opportunities. We rely on you to back the theoretical soundness of projects – ensuring every element is sensible and robust enough to meet the needs of our dynamic environment.

Above all, you leave no stone unturned in our quest to improve our trading strategies.

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Data analysts work with data scientists, data engineers and traders to perform in-depth analysis of large amounts of data. Your market insights, observations and recommendations inform crucial trading decisions.

Your day-to-day analyses allow us to identify new trading opportunities, making you a key player in our market activities. You also allow us to improve our strategies by seeing strategy inefficiencies through a structured, statistical lens.

However, being a data analyst is not only about analyzing the data. You will be the key person who transforms raw market data into concise, actionable information. Also, you will be the developer of our data analysis application, which provides large-scale, real-time strategy analysis that impacts trading decisions on the fly.

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Data Engineers ensure all areas of the trading business have timely, accurate and complete trading data sets to drive their activities. They’re strategic thinkers with a passion for solving complex data problems.

Everyday, you will develop big data storage strategies that stay ahead of the scale of our growing archives. These strategies continue to meet the evolving needs of our user base. You often liaise with trading team and trading system developers to improve and enhance the content and quality of our data archives.

Throughout your career, you will gain a deep understanding of how moving large amounts of data can impact production networks. With this knowledge, you will develop strategies that ensure that data arrives where and when it’s needed – without impacting real-time data flows.

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Kaggle competition

To further familiarize yourself with Optiver’s real world data challenges, all Data Enthusiasts are welcome to enter our ‘Realized Volatility Prediction’ competition.

Hosted in partnership with Kaggle, the world’s largest data science and machine learning community, Optiver’s challenge invites the global community to explore the principles of volatility and its integral role in the financial market.
Over the course of the three-month challenge, individuals and teams will build models that predict short-term volatility for hundreds of stocks across different sectors. Participants will be provided millions of rows of highly granular financial data, with which they will have the freedom to develop and experiment.

Find out if you have what it takes to help us improve the markets.