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Optiver Austin

Based in ‘The Domain’ neighborhood, Optiver’s Austin office serves as the firm’s innovation nucleus, with a strong focus on quantitative research, software and hardware engineering initiatives.

11501 Alterra Parkway
Suite #425
Austin, Texas 78758
United States of America

Phone: (512) 720-7599
Recruitment: [email protected]
Media: [email protected]

The Austin Perspective:
an experience unlike any other

America’s newest tech capital
Austin has emerged as one of the US’ leading global tech hubs. With tech innovation an integral part of Optiver’s core business, the booming city proved an ideal backdrop for our heavy investment into machine learning, research infrastructure and big data computing.

A fantastic place to live and work
Unlike most tech capitals, Austin still offers a relatively low cost of living – especially considering all that the city offers. With world-class music, food and art scenes, as well as countless scenic outdoor activities, the quality of life in Austin is second to none.

Work-life balance
Optiverians work very hard, but they nonetheless tend to wind down at a reasonable hour, leaving ample time to pursue their personal interests. With Austin providing countless greenbelts, music and food festivals, there’s no shortage of great ways to spend your free time outside the office.

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For more than 35 years, we’ve led the industry – and improved the market.

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Within our industry we are active members of the FIA Principal Traders Group (FIA PTG), and the Commodity Markets Council (CMC).

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