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Improving the way markets work?
That’s why we come to work.

As a leading global market maker, Optiver works to make markets fairer, more transparent and more efficient. Because the better markets function, the better it is for everyone.

Optiver is a proprietary trading firm with nine locations across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. Powered by technological might and guided by intellectual rigor, we trade our own money, at our own risk for our own reward. But not solely for our own benefit.

By offering competitive, two-sided prices to buyers and sellers, we provide liquidity and inject stability into the world’s financial markets. That’s good for all market participants, from financial pros to the pensioner next door. And as our 35+ year track record of profitability indicates, it’s also quite good for business.


locations globally
trading across all time zones 


unique people
united to improve the market 

Optiver's experienced professionals working on trading technology

Optiver trades tens of thousands of financial instruments on over 50 exchanges worldwide. As we do so, we continuously optimize our proprietary strategies and algorithms to accurately price those instruments.

Technology is integral to what we do. But we’re not purely a technology company. We are, above all, a trading company. Our technology is a means to that end.

Risk management and control are central to what we do, and critical to our success. It’s built into every one of our financial and operational processes, both manual and automated. 

Three core disciplines.
One singular goal.

Working at Optiver

Two colleagues eating lunch in Optiver's market maker office

A culture we’d never trade.

There are countless reasons the Optiver team loves coming to work. But, perhaps, none is greater than the culture of excellence that permeates every level of the firm. There’s a palpable thrill that comes from spending your days among a group of diverse, intelligent and driven peers united by the common purpose of solving deeply complex problems. The pace is quick, collaboration is near constant and the feedback loop is rapid. You’ll leave work almost every day with the distinct sense of satisfaction that comes from watching your ideas put to the test in real time—and inspired to take on fresh challenges tomorrow.

institutional trading

Trusted liquidity provider to institutional counterparties

We provide institutional investors around the globe with liquidity in Equities, Commodities, FX and Fixed Income products.

Two Optiver employees smiling while working on trading technology; Aerial city view near our Optiver Chicago office