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  • Handles over 3000 phone calls daily in the Wholesale trading market
  • Optiver represents more than 30 nationalities
  • Yes, we manage up to 800.000 trades a day
  • Our fleet: 600 UNIX machines

We are Optiver, an international trading firm, headquartered in Amsterdam. With more than 700 colleagues across four continents we constantly offer fair and highly competitive prices for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s et cetera. It is called ‘market making’.

We build markets and provide liquidity to international exchanges in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific in order to make financial markets fair, open and reliable. We do not only trade when we feel like it. Not only when our outlook is bright, but 24 hours a day. Whichever way the markets go, we are there, always at our own risk, using our own capital.
‘Value the difference' sums it up perfectly. It explains in a nutshell what we do every day. It also invites you to explore how we do our job differently.
We have valued that difference since 1986; the year we started on the Amsterdam based European Options Exchange with a single floor trader. Today we are one of the most dynamic, innovative and successful companies in The Netherlands and beyond. Optiver is above all a state of mind. We want you if you want to be the best. When you believe in daily improvement and feel challenged when colleagues outsmart you, which they will. We are looking for you when you like to be seriously rewarded for your performance, when you easily adapt to change and enjoy some humour and fun.

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